Solutions provided by Air2Gas


  • Gas installations:
  • Compressed air systems
  • Hydrogen and LNG/CNG refuelling stations
  • Hydrogen systems
  • Cylinder cabinets


  • Installation design
  • Projects related to Infrastructure of the installations in question
  • Development of studies
  • Cost and works estimates


  • Inspection of installations
  • Maintenance
  • Leakage tests
  • Training


  • Generators:
    clean air
  • Fittings for laser gases
  • Fittings for specialty gases
  • Equipment for industrial applications

Process installations

We provide technological installations and ensure customer satisfaction. Our priority is he high quality of the installation and the work carried out, in accordance with standards. Our long experience in design and installation allows us to achieve excellent results. Our service covers the process of designing and assembling process plant components that are widely used in industry. Our expertise and experience guarantee quality service at the highest level.

Design of technical and laboratory gas installations

The industrial gas design service involves the design of gas systems that are required in laboratories and industry. As part of the design service, specialists take into account the individual needs of the client and the specifics of the industry in which it operates. Planned installations must comply with certain standards and regulations to ensure their safety and reliability. In addition to design, the service can also include the selection of suitable equipment and installation assembly, as well as the necessary testing and certification. In this way, the customer can be sure that their gas installation meets the highest quality standards.

Installation service - leakage tests, maintenance and inspections

Installation servicing keeps installations in good working order and prevents breakdowns. As part of the service, inspections, maintenance and leakage tests are carried out to detect possible faults and damage. With regular inspection and maintenance, the risk of failure can be minimised and the life of the installation prolonged. Our specialists have the necessary knowledge and experience to service installations at the highest level.

Gas generators and fittings

Gas generators and fittings are key components in industry, laboratories and other locations where specialised gas installations are required. We offer a wide range of generators and fittings that are characterised by high quality and reliability. We work with reputable manufacturers, which guarantees high quality and competitive prices. Our specialists provide expert assistance in selecting the right equipment and its installation. With our gas generators and fittings, customers can be sure that their gas installations will operate reliably and safely.

Hydrogen systems and stations

Our company offers comprehensive solutions for hydrogen plants and stations. Our solutions are ideal for companies and institutions that need modern hydrogen plants and stations. Our specialists provide professional advice on choosing the right equipment and take care of its installation and service. We work with clients at every stage of the project so that we can guarantee a comprehensive and satisfactory service. Our hydrogen installations and stations are efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, helping to improve the quality of life.

Laser installations (in copper with medical specifications)

We carry out installations made of medical specification copper and stainless steel, as well as in plastics. We connect metal installations by orbital welding, TIG, brazing, using system fittings (Swagelok type) or the mapress system.

On the other hand, we join plastics both by electrofusion and
 using IR technology or dedicated adhesives.

Design and construction of technical and laboratory gas installations

Ready for a new, safe and efficient gas installation in your business? Take advantage of our design and build service for industrial gas installations. Contact us today and our specialists will be happy to provide you with an offer tailored to your needs

Who do we work with?

We provide services to entities:
  • Public institutions 

    We provide services and solutions that help develop the functioning of public infrastructures and institutions

  • Industrial enterprises

    We provide modern and cost-effective solutions for companies and industries

  • Transport sector

     We are involved in the construction of hydrogen refuelling stations and LNG/CNG plants, which are very popular with transport companies

  • Energy companies

    We offer design, construction and servicing of installations that optimise and facilitate work for the energy industry

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