Design of technical and laboratory gas installations

We offer a comprehensive service that enables the design of a professional and safe installation tailored to the individual needs of the client. As part of this service, we offer a wide range of activities, including:

  • design of installations, taking into account the latest technology and safety standards
  • project development, which also includes drawing up technical documentation that enables the work to be carried out properly
  • preparing cost estimates, allowing the costs of the entire investment to be estimated, enabling the client to tailor the project to his budget
  • a works estimate making it possible to determine precisely the scope of work and the materials required
  • design of technical and laboratory gas installations, which is a comprehensive service including both the design of the installation itself and the associated infrastructure


Standard-compliant projects

Our design service for technical and laboratory gas installations includes design with the highest quality and safety standards. The team of specialists has the knowledge and experience to design an installation that meets all customer requirements and safety and operational standards

Short implementation time

Another advantage of our service is the short implementation time for projects. Thanks to the commitment and professionalism of our team, we are able to develop the design of technical and laboratory gas installations in a short timeframe without compromising quality and precision. Our projects are ready to be implemented within a short period of time, which speeds up the whole investment process.

Detailed estimate of the work

Developing an accurate cost estimate for the works is another advantage that allows the client to accurately estimate the cost of the entire investment. In this way, the client has full control over their budget and can tailor the project to their financial possibilities. An accurate estimate of the works also avoids unnecessary costs and unforeseen expenses.

Individual customer approach and safety as a priority

In our company, we are very committted to meeting the individual needs of each customer, which is why our design and installation services for industrial gas installations are tailored to the customer’s specific requirements and expectations. We pay huge attention on the careful design of the installation so that it meets the customer’s expectations, while also being safe and compliant with all applicable standards and regulations. We carry out all technical gas installation work to the highest safety standards to ensure maximum safety for our customers. Our company is committed to the design, installation and maintenance of industrial gas installations and provides an expert service at every stage of the project.

We build technical gas installations

If you need a specialist design service for industrial and laboratory gas installations, contact us today. We offer gas installation design services by specialists with many years of experience. 

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